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Gretton Primary School

Week 10 - 15.03.21

I am so incredibly sorry that this past week has not been what you expected! It certainly wasn’t what I expected either! I know so many of you were looking forward to coming back to school last Monday for a bit of normality, but normality doesn’t seem to be happening! I was so excited to see you all back in class and it’s all gone a bit wrong! It’s really sad we have had to close Maple Class until Monday 22nd of March, however, we know it is the safest thing to do, and we can definitely get through another week of home learning! Just think how brilliant it will be when we are all finally together!

If this past year has taught me anything, it’s to be grateful for the little things we perhaps took for granted. Things such as visiting family members whenever we wanted to! Popping out to do a bit of shopping and grabbing some lunch in a restaurant or cafe. Going to the cinema to see a newly released film or having get-togethers with friends. These are all things we can’t do at the moment, so I hope we really appreciate them once we can!

Take good care of yourselves and stay safe. All being well, we should be back in class soon! Look out for an invitation over TEAMS one day next week. Once I am feeling better, I would love to see your lovely faces and have a catch up ! 😊

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