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Gretton Primary School

Week 3 - 18.01.21

Wow! We are already on Week 3 – can you believe it? You’ve managed two weeks of home learning already, and from speaking to lots of you on the phone, I know you’re doing a wonderful job and I’m so proud of you. I know it hasn’t been easy for you or your parents!

I am very aware that a lot of you are sitting for hours doing work online or in your workbooks, so please remember to stay as active as you possibly can each day; sitting down for hours on end is not good for your bodies! Take regular breaks, as and when you need them.

You’ll see a slight change in the layout of the home learning from this week. This is to make sure that each class have a similar structure to the day and that we provide you with enough work. (The government want us to send you 4 hours’ worth.) However, I know some of you may feel daunted at the thought of this, or might not have access to laptops all day long. All I want you to do is try your best, little and often. We can speak on the phone if any of you are worried about this. Remember, this is just a guide and you are free to peruse other ways of learning. I know a lot of parents have ordered the CGP books and I’m a big fan of them too!    I look forward to speaking to you on the phone soon.

Mrs Young

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