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Gretton Primary School

Week 1 - 04.01.21

Well, this is not what we expected to be doing this week! I am so sad to not be able to see you and we had such lovely things planned for this term – especially starting our WWII topic! But, don’t worry, I am going to save all of this for Term 4 when we are hopefully back at school.

I know lots of you may be feeling anxious about the abrupt change (and some of you secretly loving it!) but please know you are not alone in this!

Each week, you will receive a similar newsletter to this, where I will outline work to complete. This will be primarily Maths and English work, with an additional afternoon activity. It is REALLY important that you do this work as we don’t want you to fall behind! Remember, lots of you are going to secondary school in September and we want you to be fully prepared! I will be asking for all of this work to be handed in when you return to school, so please make sure you do plenty! You will receive an exercise book to complete these in, or you can do it on the sheet.

Mrs Block

Core Values

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