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Gretton Primary School

Week 2 - 11.01.21

I hope you have had a good first week and are starting to get into the swing of things. I know it must be hard to get into the mindset of learning from home again but I know you will be fantastic!

I really want you to understand that the most important thing to me is that you are feeling OK! Please don’t worry about the amount of work I have set out below. I’d rather give you more than you need, than you not have enough to do. Remember, you need to do what YOU can do and as long as you do SOMETHING each day, I will be happy. (P.S. boys – avoid sitting on that Xbox ALL day please :P)

I will be ringing you all next week, just so that I can check in on how you’re getting on. After that, you might also hear from some of the other adults in our class.

Don’t forget to stay as safe as possible whilst online (gaming/Youtube/working etc.) Speak to your parents if you are unsure about anything!

Mrs Block

Core Values

  • Kindness

    We are kind

  • Good Choices

    We make good choices

  • Best

    We try our best

  • Dream Big

    We dream big