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Gretton Primary School



Use of Sport Premium – 2016-17

The DfE have made available an £8000 lump sum per school plus £5 per pupil funding to promote and develop the teaching of Primary P.E. Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that they offer.




The Sports Premium Funding allocated to our school for 2016-17 is expected to be £8690

This will be used in the following ways:




2 x after school clubs

To encourage a range of children to take part in exciting physical activities and games. Children will be able to apply what they have learnt in other areas of school and at home.

£80 x 38 weeks  = £3,040

2 x lunchtime clubs

To encourage more children to be active during their lunch hour. Children will be gaining more physical exercise.

£20 x38 weeks = £760

Purchase and introduction of Cambridge PE scheme

Training to introduce Cambridge scheme

To enable the teachers to deliver an effective physical education to ensure all learners are being physically active as well as healthy individuals.





Enhanced membership of COTS sports partnership

Qualified teacher to work alongside our teachers to deliver PE lessons and to support the PE leader in monitoring the subject– 20 sessions over the year. To enable the school to take part in a range of inter- and intra- competitions and sporting events


Training for new PE leader

To ensure the P.E. curriculum is being taught effectively and monitored closely across the school. To improve the quality of P.E. lessons being taught. Additionally, for the P.E. leader to gain excellent expertise. Empower the older children of the school to lead younger children (and especially children who are less active) in leading active, healthier lifestyles. To enable the school to gain ‘Schools Games Mark.’


Apprentice to support football training at MUGA

To enable the football team to have numerous practice sessions to prepare for matches.


Transport to Town Sporting Events



Sports kit and Sporting Equipment



Skipping workshop for the whole school

To promote interest in physical exercise and healthy, active lifestyles as well as introduce children to a range of activities linked to skipping. And of course, to have fun!





Targets for 2016/7

  • To provide all students with two hours of physical education per week.
  • To ensure that the school delivers a wide range of extracurricular sporting activities which should engage at least 35% of the school children every week.
  • To take part in at least 4 intra-school sports competitions and 3 inter-school competitions.
  • To keep parents informed about the School Games by regularly featuring match reports and competition results on the website and newsletter.
  • To encourage the Upper Key Stage Two children to form a ‘Sports Crew’ which will lead physical games and activities during playtime and lunchtime.
  • To create further links with local sporting clubs to promote engagement out of school.
  • To develop competence and confidence of staff to deliver high quality P.E. lessons.
  • Focus on increasing knowledge of the children around obesity and health and fitness.
  • For 85% of children in year 4 and 100% of children at the end of year 6 to have passed at least stage one of their swimming programmes and become a competent swimmer.
  • Increase the level of lunchtime skill based sessions delivered to KS1 from the Sports Leaders, ensuring quality and fun sessions working on sports specific skills.
  • Use Sports coaches at lunchtimes to engage less active children in physical activities.

        Impact we are hoping to achieve

  • More children from the school experiencing a sporting competition outside of the school yard. The increase in extracurricular sports teams not only raises the profile of the school but encourages children to pursue sports outside of school time.
  • An increase in afterschool sporting activities provides healthy active opportunities for children throughout the school
  • The added swimming time will allow for the extra teaching time required to push children to gaining their 25metres and beyond.
  • Providing equipment for the sports leaders to deliver structured sessions to KS1 children in lunchtime activities will help increase their physical literacy and fundamental skills.
  • Part funding the new MUGA will enable children from both key stages a safe place to play and also increase the amount of activities that children can take part in during Break, Lunch and PE activities. The sustained impact this will have is that there will be mass participation through activities on this for years to come.

Impact Summary September 2017

Cambridge scheme of work purchased in Autumn Term 2 is now being used across the school and staff are becoming more familiar with the planning, delivery and assessment within it. Sports Premium Officer has worked alongside every class teacher to support delivery of one aspect of the scheme. We will continue to embed the scheme in the curriculum 2017-18.

Over the year, we have entered 33 inter school competitions maximising on opportunities offered by both the local sports partnership and the academy chain. All children in Years 1-6 attended at least one competition each (and some children up to six competitions) and had the opportunity to represent our school. To continue our participation in these competitions, we will also focus on less active children and those with special educational needs to ensure they have the opportunity to experience competition.

We also offered a variety of after school clubs, which ran every day during the year. On average, fifteen children per day attended one of these clubs, which ranged from healthy cooking, street dance to football and gymnastics. We also ran lunchtime clubs to ensure all children had access to a structured activity, which encouraged them to be more physically active. These will continue this academic year, and we will try to introduce new activities following taster sessions in schools.

The Year 5/6 football team practised weekly on the MUGA and we are very proud that they won many matches and the Small Schools League. They were also lucky to receive brand new training kit, match kit and equipment, which was funded with support from the PSA. This year, a new team will be chosen and will continue to attend matches having been inspired by their peers.

Earlier in the year, every child in the school thoroughly enjoyed our yearly visit from a skipping expert who led a fantastic workshop. We hope to have more exciting days like this in school next year, which will include Zumba, Poundfit and netball.

The P.E. lead has attended several coaching and safety courses to ensure Gretton is up to date with local and national initiatives. Membership of the local sports partnership in 2017-18 will ensure that staff have access to appropriate and relevant courses.

The Sports Crew in Year 6 have done a fantastic job in encouraging the younger children to be more physically active by organising mini competitions during break times and lunch times. We will ‘employ’ a new team of Sports Crew for 2017-18 who we are sure will do another fantastic job! They will lead the extra 5 minutes of physical activity after lunch time.

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