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Gretton Primary School

BWT celebrates another impressive set of KS2 SATs results

The Brooke Weston Trust is thrilled with the impressive performances made by our Trust primary schools in this year’s KS2 SATs tests.

The Brooke Weston Trust is thrilled with the impressive performances made by our Trust primary schools in this year’s KS2 SATs tests.

The tests, which are given to students in Year 6, measure aptitude in English, GAPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) writing and maths. They also show which percentage of students are working at the expected standard, which meets national expectations and at greater depth, for those exceeding it.

The results complement the strong results the schools already achieved for KS1 SATs.

Beanfield Primary School: Achieved a strong set of results across the board with the combined total in line with the national average.

Compass Primary School: Results are up in seven out of 10 key measures showing year on year improvement for the third year in a row.

Gretton Primary School: A highlight is that 100% of children achieved the maths standard and 95% of children achieved the GAPs standard. 77% of the cohort achieved the combined standard, a 12% improvement on national average.

Oakley Vale Primary School: Another strong set of results with year on year improvement in individual subjects, and its combined figure of 68% puts it above the national average.

Peckover Primary School:  Has made improvements even on last year’s fantastic set of results. A stand-out figure is that 74% of children achieved the combined expected standard, a 13% improvement last year, equating to 9% above the national average.

Brooke Weston Trust’s Primary Executive Principal, Leyton Smith said: ‘The key thing is that there are really strong results across the board. This is down to the fact we are recruiting good people. They are clear about our values and expectations and are well supported in school by good leaders. There is a broader Trust package of support via the Teaching School, Leadership Academy and a wide range of different opportunities so we have a core group of people who have high aspirations, are prepared to work hard to meet our expectations and are supported well to do it. That is evident because the Trust at primary has shown that, not only has its schools improved, but in those schools where there has already been substantial improvement, they have consolidated and built on that.’

Trust CEO Dr Andrew Campbell said: ‘I would like to congratulate all of our schools, but particularly Peckover which has demonstrated a huge rise in attainment in all subject areas. The fact that the combined score has gone up by 13% is a massive achievement. These figures show that, across the board, we have much to celebrate about the education we offer our primary children, no matter which of our valued Trust schools they attend.’



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