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Gretton Primary School

Sports Crew

The Gretton Primary Academy Sports crew is made up of a group of students that want to keep our school active by encouraging others to take part in competitions both within our own school and against other clubs. 

The group is made up of 10 students who all share a passion for sports. Each week they teach half an hour sports lessons to younger students in Key Stage 1 helping them improve their skills in Football, Rugby, Netball, Athletics, Skipping and Hula Hooping.

Meet the Crew

Esme - I love horse riding because it keeps me active. I dislike spiders, even little tiny ones. I hate wasps. I love chocolate cake with a gooey filling. I also love all my friends and family. My favourite subject is literacy, especially when we do a "big write" because i get to write all my ideas down. I chose to be in Sports crew because I like a lot of different sports and I want to be able to introduce different sports to people, that they have never done before.

Daisy - My hobbies are horse riding. I like animals. I like spending time with my friends. I don't like tomatoes. my favourite subject is maths. I want to encourage people to take part in sports and learn new skills.

Hollie - My hobbies are dancing and singing. I like drawing, even through i am not very good at it. I dislike tarantulas, yuck! my favourite subject is probably science. I will make a great member of sports crew as I will bring good games for the younger children and i enjoy helping people.

Zara - My hobbies are swimming, horse riding and football. I don't have any dislikes. I do like sweets. My favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. I will bring kindness to Sports Crew.

Charlie - I like to play football. I play for the school team and I play for Gretton U11's. I enjoy playing at the park with my friends. I do not like tomatoes. My favourite subjects are P.E and Maths but  am not a big fan of science. I am a tidy person so the shed will always be tidy.

Sophie - I enjoy horse riding and netball. i also play football for the School team. I love Guinea pigs, horses, hamsters, giraffes, dogs and cats. I don't like spiders or cockroaches. I really like Literacy and French. I am going to be a great member of the Sports crew because i am really helpful and i enjoy lots of different sports.

Immie - My hobbies are acting, ice skating, roller skating and dancing. I do not like rats, snakes, peacocks, llamas and alpacas. I basically don't really like animals because i am allergic to most of them. I like shopping for clothes and shoes. My favourite food is steak and chips. Maths is my favourite subject. i joined sports crew to encourage children to play more sports and to help them get better at them.

Mylee - I like playing outside on my scooter. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I do not like writing. I like playing on my phone. My favourite subject is Maths. I enjoy playing games with everybody which makes me a great member of sports crew.


Core Values

  • K


  • C


  • A


  • S


  • P


  • P


  • H


  • C


  • R


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