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Gretton Primary School

Reading for Pleasure

At Gretton we recognise that teaching children to read is simply not enough if we want our children to be life-long readers.  We recognise that we have to support children to really enjoy reading. We do this through curriculum enrichment, dedicated story time, the school’s library and being reading role models.


Book Corners

At Gretton, we have dedicated book areas in our classrooms, each one a mini-library of carefully chosen books that reflect the culture and background of our children as well as exposing children to high quality texts containing modern day classics, traditional tales, poetry and books chosen by the children themselves.

It is from this selection of books teachers read aloud to the children their daily story, showing the joy of literature. At Gretton, we have planned daily story times where quality texts are read in a calm, quiet environment.

Our Library

We are very proud of our school library; children can browse and select books by their favourite authors, read newspapers and enjoy books with their friends.


Core Values

  • Kindness

    We are kind

  • Good Choices

    We make good choices

  • Best

    We try our best

  • Dream Big

    We dream big